Last available copies of the sold-out book 48 HOURS BLACKPOOL (Text by Dr. Matthias Harder, Helmut Newton Foundation) can be now purchased directly through the contact page on this site.


Book release: "Of Lions and Lambs"

Kehrer Verlag, September 2019

»A complex pictorial-psychological investigation into a disenchanted reality and the nature of being,reminiscent of the cinema of Federico Fellini and the black-and-white English films of 1960s’ social realism.« (Mark Gisbourne, Art historian, Critic, Curator) »Intoxicating and authentic, Suchodrev’s narratives could be a daydream-like film told through stills, as in Arthur Schnitzler’s Dream Story or the work of Jim Jarmusch.« (Matthias Harder, Curator,Helmut Newton Foundation) Website Kehrer VerlagDownload press release DE | ENBook signing PARIS PHOTO, November 7 – 10, 2019

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5 Street-Photography-Tipps vom Profi

Die Fotografin Benita Suchodrev hat sich in einem englischen Badeort Tage und Nächte um die Ohren geschlagen. Daraus entstanden ist ein Bildband: "48 Hours Blackpool".

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